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April 2017

Working in Japan - Summer Newsletter 2017


October 2016

Tree planting and establishment talk to West Hill Residents association.  Power point presentation. 

June 2016

Keep watering newly planted trees - one of the major causes of failure of newly planted trees is lack of irrigation during dry spells of weather.

September 2015

Ash die-back - useful advice on what to look out for from the Forestry Commission


November 2014

Japanese trip - Spring Newsletter 2015

April 2014

Asian Hornet - an aid to identification

May 2013

Oak processionary moth - a useful advice note from Forest Research

March 2013

Spring is here at last, although it doesn't feel like it. However, the cool temperatures and ample rainfall will extend the planting season and growers still seem to have plenty of stock as a result of the difficult weather.

October 2012

July 2012

We are offering a new service - we have a mobile sawmill which is capable of planking timber up to 36".

June 2012

There are new regulations affecting Tree Preservation Orders -  The Town and Country (Tree Preservation)(England) Regulations 2012.

There are several changes which came into force on 6th April 2012, this includes changes to the dead, dying and dangerous exceptions. It is now necessary to get consent from the Local Planning Authority to work on dying trees and it is only possible to carry out work on dangerous trees "to the extent that such works are urgently necessary to remove an immediate risk of serious harm", otherwise five days notice to the LPA is required for work to dead or dangerous trees.

It is now possible to apply for repeated operations such as pollarding or trimming or programmes of work.

Ref. (P. Annett - A summary of the revised tree preservation order legislation 2012 gives full details).